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Phanteks Glacier C370I Intel CPU Water Block - White: Maximum Cooling in Brilliant Illumination!

Delve into extreme CPU cooling with Phanteks Glacier C370I. Specifically tailored for Intel CPUs, this water block boasts superior cooling capabilities, ensuring your CPU operates at peak performance even under the most demanding conditions. Not only does it offer top-notch efficiency, but the stunning integrated D-RGB lighting also elevates the aesthetics of any gaming setup.

Distinct Features:

  • Versatility: Compatible with a diverse range of Intel sockets including 1700, 1200, and 115x. Whether your build is based on recent innovations or trusty older models, the C370I has got you covered.
  • Precision Cooling: The jet plate design ensures water flow is concentrated directly over the CPU die, while the expansive fin array ensures efficient heat dissipation.
  • Top-Grade Materials: The block incorporates a pure copper base plate, a robust nickel-plated POM body, and the high-resilience Viton rubber O-rings known for their impressive heat resistance.
  • Elegant Aesthetics: Witness the mesmerizing flow of coolant through the crystal-clear acrylic cover, complemented by the vibrant D-RGB LEDs that add a dash of brilliance to your rig.

Digging Deeper:

  • Innovative Cooling: The C370I has a specialized design that effectively channels heat away, thanks to its large fin array with a minimal 0.4mm spacing and its strategic focus on the CPU's die. This design approach makes the C370I an optimal choice for both indirect and direct die cooling.
  • Durable and Reliable: The water block's use of superior materials ensures long-lasting performance even with the frequent temperature fluctuations typical in gaming scenarios.
  • Illuminating Performance: Two D-RGB LED strips cast a vibrant glow, syncing effortlessly with other Phanteks D-RGB products. The lighting can be manually adjusted or controlled via a D-RGB compatible motherboard.

Specifications Overview:

  • Colour: White
  • Compatibility: Primarily for Intel sockets: 1700, 1200, and 115x.
  • Materials: Pure copper base plate, nickel-plated POM body, and acrylic cover.
  • Seal: Viton rubber O-rings

Package EAN: 0886523701934 MPN: PH-C370I_WT01 Manufacturer: Phant