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Compatible with all smartphones

MagSafe compatible.

Magnetic Sticker is included for non-MagSafe phone

Shoot Anytime
Shoot Anywhere

Snap. Grip. Shoot. Always prepared to shoot.
No more awkward hand positions.
Grip to shoot with comfort.

Double Your Shooting Time
Charge in action!
Prolong your photoshooting sessions

Oriented to Your Desire
180 Rotatable
Portrait: Creator’s choice. Suitable for reels & Tiktok.
Landscape: Photographer’s choice. Shoot & capture the bigger picture

Throne Your Phone
Angled perfectly to rest on any flat surface.
Watch tutorials or make video calls with no interruptions.

Angled to
Your Will

Tilt down: Feature activities on the tabletop!
Tilt up: Heroize your subject with a low angle shot.

Switch From Motion
to Tabletop

Swap shooting modes with a quick-switch between selfie-stick & tripod.

Mount on All Tripods
with a SNAP

Any tripod can come with a magnetic mount with the 1/4” Screw Mount from the SnapPod.

Brighter Everywhere
Flippable light to illuminate shots while using front or rear camera.

As Bright As You Like
4 levels of brightness. Shoot with ease, no matter how dark.

Double-check, Triple-check

Use the mirror to make your last minute checks before you go live.

ShiftCam SnapGrip Creator Kit. Product colour: Blue, Purpose: Smartphone. Battery capacity: 3200 mAh

Shiftcam SnapGrip Creator Kit (Blue Jay)

SKU: CMS-298900